I just saw that you can have blinking, moving pictures of yourself. Last time I was on Earth we couldn't do that, what with the parchment and stone tablets and all.

Can one of my children make me some userpics with this modern technology?


I'm in need of a new robe. I still haven't replaced this one since it got all muddy after they ripped it off me and threw it on the ground when I was up on that bitch of a cross bleeding on myself.

At least I walked back and found it after I rose on the 3rd day. I just wish they would've had a little bit more respect for my clothing. I can resurrect, but I sure as hell can't sew.

I hear you can buy clothes "online" now. Any recommendations for sites? I asked my dad but he hasn't kept up on any of your guys' advancements lately. I think he's disappointed in how you've focused your energies lately.